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Sound is a powerful stimulus to humans, and the sounds of nature seem to carry a special fascination to us as a species. Nature’s sounds inform and drive us, soothe and inspire us. It comes as no surprise that the works of numerous artists have dealt with the sounds of landscapes or animals, especially bird song. This page invites you to explore works created as artistic responses to the Dawn Chorus project. 

As Dawn Chorus grows and evolves, and further pieces will be added, we hope to be able to present to you not only the works themselves, but also the concepts and intentions behind them, explained by the artists who created them. A related goal is that these projects, and the stories behind them, will inspire similar collaborations elsewhere. This is because while countless scientific studies and works of art have dealt with nature, the reality is that when artists and scientists combine their practices, they have more power to wake people up, which is crucial now in respect to creating awareness around the threats to our biodiversity. We hope that you will join us, as the journey involves everyone who participates.

SURVIVAL SONGS, by Marcel Karnapke and Mika Johnson

SONIC FEATHER, by Marcel Karnapke and Mika Johnson

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