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Stop and listen!
And join the DAWN CHORUS

Thank you for collecting bird songs in May 2021!

In May 2021 and beyond, DAWN CHORUS invites you again to repeat your recordings from 2020 – with new developed app and media art feature „Sonic Feather“. Keep recording bird songs and create you unique „Sonic Feather“. Join the Dawn Chorus!

With a new free app, DAWN CHORUS invites people around the world to record and share their local morning bird song and make an important contribution to biodiversity research. Use the “Sonic Feather” app feature to create your own media artwork with every new recording and become a citizen artist! Sonic Feather >

The app is available at no charge for iOS and Android (for smartphones with Android version 8 / iOS version 11 or higher):

Learn more >

The app was developed for smartphones with Android version 8 / iOS version 11 or higher. Of course, it is still possible to upload your bird song via our website upload form.

Get up very early and record the bird concert between dusk and dawn with your phone using the DAWN CHORUS app. Upload the recordings to the global sound map and share your experience with people around the world.

DAWN CHORUS 2021 hopes to inspire you to, once again, actively engage with nature and develop a personal awareness of the biodiversity in your immediate surroundings.


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When people are silent, nature makes itself heard

Hundreds of species of birds sing their dawn chorus every day before sunrise in the spring. Now is the time to listen to them.

Join the worldwide dawn chorus for the sciences and the arts

The Corona pandemic has caused a severe global crisis. The dramatic silencing of human activities that it has caused is also making the voices of nature resound on an unprecedented scale. In this unique situation in the spring of 2020, the idea was born to make the birds’ voices heard.

Your local recordings for the DAWN CHORUS will be mapped worldwide.

They will be included in a scientific database for biodiversity research. From now on, the Dawn Chorus project will take place every year and thus provide important comparative data.

From May 1 to 31, 2020 we collected over 3.500 sound recordings on this platform. Learn more about the results: Dawn Chorus 2020

Soundscaping — Science and Art

DAWN CHORUS is a Cooperation between Foundation Arts and Nature und BIOTOPIA – Naturkundemuseum Bayern

“A healthy landscape is best seen with the ears.”

Bernie Krause, Soundscaping Pionier, during Masterclass with BIOTOPIA and Foundation Arts and Nature 2019

The world of birds stands out from the soundscapes of nature and is therefore particularly suitable for bio-acoustic research and soundscaping. At the same time, birds are important biodiversity indicators. No other group of animals is researched so extensively on a global scale and thus so precisely reflects the “state of health” of a habitat, i.e. the condition of the other species occurring in an ecosystem, as birds do.

The collected recordings of the dawn chorus can provide valuable information about the diversity of species, the behavior of the birds, as well as the effects of climate change and habitat loss on the populations. Last but not least, they reveal a lot about the effects of the noise of human civilization on the life of the birds.

You can read more about the scientific background of the DAWN CHORUS project here.

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