Free virtual event

The Sounds of Extinction: An evening with Leah Barclay, Dan Stowell and David Rothenberg

Free virtual event by BIOTOPIA – Naturkundemuseum Bayern

Monday 31 May 2021, 19:00 CEST


What can sound reveal about the precarious state of our ecosystems? How can we learn by listening to nature’s songs? How are scientists and artists using art and new technologies to deepen our understanding of animal communication? Join us for an evening with three renowned international experts on bioacoustics and natural soundscapes – musician and author David Rothenberg, marine scientist and artist Leah Barclay and expert on animal sounds and artificial intelligence Dan Stowell. The discussion will be followed by an impromptu Dawn Chorus performance by David Rothenberg.

The panel discussion, coinciding with the citizen science and arts project “Dawn Chorus”, will be hosted by BIOTOPIA Founding Director Prof. Dr. Michael John Gorman and introduced by Dr. Auguste von Bayern.

The event will be in English with simultaneous translation into German.

DAWN CHORUS is singing again!

In May 2021, DAWN CHORUS is collecting bird songs again – with new app!

Get ready! May 1, 2021, marks the start of the second campaign of the Citizen Science and Arts Project DAWN CHORUS to collect birdsongs worldwide. DAWN CHORUS is calling on people around the globe to record and share the morning birdsong on their doorstep – with a new free app. The DAWN CHORUS app facilitates the recording and uploading process and ensures best quality for the recordings to enter the scientific database. In addition, from mid of may a newly developed arts feature will give you the opportunity to create own special media-artworks with your birdsongs. More soon.

The app is available at no charge for iOS and Android:

Since the app was completely new developed, we are looking forward to all your feedback – anytime via our contact form.

The app was developed for smartphones with Android version 8 / iOS version 11 or higher. Of course, it is still possible to upload your bird song via our website upload form.

DAWN CHORUS is calling on citizen scientists to get active once again: Get up very early and record the bird concert between dusk and dawn with your phone using the DAWN CHORUS app. Upload the recordings to the global sound map and share your experience with people around the world. You are not only making an important contribution to biodiversity research – it’s also fun!

Birdsong is a powerful and evocative indicator of ecosystem health. During the dawn chorus, many birds are highly vocally active. In an effort to make their voices heard, the project DAWN CHORUS 2020 took advantage of the unusual silence afforded by the first lockdown to motivate people around the world to listen to the birds in their immediate environment. More than 4,000 bird songs from 50 countries have since then been uploaded in a digital global sound map, where you can discover the myriad of bird songs from around the world: The Chorus.

DAWN CHORUS 2021 hopes to inspire you to, once again, actively engage with nature and develop a personal awareness of the biodiversity in your immediate surroundings. It is well known, for example, that birds in the vicinity of airports start their morning song earlier. Are there also changes in the number and type of bird songs in the local city park, or even on the village street? Which birds can be heard where? Therefore we invite you to repeat your recordings from 2020 at the same location, on the same day and the same time and contribute to biodiversity research.

Stop and listen!
And join the DAWN CHORUS!

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